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A Typical Temporary installation in a Lift Motor Room - Installation in 30 minutes - at least after you've carried the kit up the remaining 2 flights of stairs !

7 Trunked Channels, 2 intersite links, System Controller, PCM switch, Regional Control Processor, Modem for data link, and all the other bits and pieces needed, in easy to carry flight cases.


Remote site installation on a farm.

Easier than a lift motor room, but watch out for chickens !!

4 channels, 2 intersite links and site controller, complete with cavity combining seen on the right of the picture.

60' mast thanks to Stumech, complete with links yagis and colinear.


Pictures from Glastonbury 98

The Glastonbury Trunked System, 5 channels, Fylde infrastructure, with System Controller, Single Site Interconnect, PCM Switch and 2 telephone lines.

Aerial Facilities Combining, and Motorola GP1200s visible on the right.


A Stormy Friday knight at Glastonbury, showing our antennas rigged on a BBC truck, on top of a 60' pump up mast.


The BBC Communications Links Vehicle at Glastonbury.


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