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NEW FREEDOM RANGE FROM 345 per transmitter, 745 for a receiver NEW FREEDOM RANGE unbelievable value for money and performance



800 MHz UHF operation

Based on the less-crowded spectrum around and above 800 MHz, this system is rarely affected by external noise and interference from other sources.

The Sony Freedom Series can use up to 112 selectable frequencies depending on the location. Available frequencies and their number depend on local frequency regulations.

Fast channel set-up

PLL (Phase Locked Loop) frequency synthesis systems are used for both transmitters and receivers, and provide excellent frequency stability. These PLL systems generate frequencies from values stored in a pre-programmed channel plan held in memory within the transmitters and receivers. Using this Sony channel plan enables users to quickly select frequencies that are free of intermodulation products when used in simultaneous multi-channel operation. The receivers have a self-detect and skip function of unusable channels.

The receiver units feature space diversity reception, which minimizes signal drop out and ensures stable reception over extended operating distances. The space diversity system uses dual antenna inputs and reception circuitry in the receivers and the better of the two received signals is switched to the receiver output.

Cost advantage

Wireless microphone systems operating at UHF are generally acknowledged to be more expensive compared with VHF systems, principally because of the higher cost of the advanced technologies required for UHF circuitry.

By providing a limited model range Sony has been able to design the Freedom Series so that it provides the advantages of UHF diversity reception at prices comparable with VHF models. The number of channels available within the wider UHF frequency range gives Freedom Series wireless microphones a clear cost per channel advantage.

Full compatibility with the Sony WL-800 wireless microphone system

This system can work with any components of the current Sony 80OMHz UHF synthesized wireless system. The user can flexibly customize the system for higher audio quality or more operating channels, preserving past investments. When using the WD-820A Antenna Divider with the two WRR-801 A receivers, up to 12 channels of simultaneous operation are available.

Monitoring of wireless microphone and transmitter low-battery alarm at receivers

Low-battery alarms from the wireless microphone and belt-pack transmitter are clearly displayed on the front panel of receivers, lessening the chance of transmission being interrupted

Comprehensive monitoring on LCDs

An easy-to-read LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) built into the belt-pack transmitter and the receivers helps to prevent misoperation and unexpected errors by showing vital information such as the selected operating channel, RF level and audio signal level. The transmitter display also shows cumulative operating time.

Module-type receiver for system flexibility

The modular configuration of the WRR-801 A Receiver gives the new Freedom Series system outstanding flexibility. With its built-in antenna divider, the number of operational channels available can be easily expanded by adding WRU-801 A Receiver Modules into the slots. The WRR-801 A is supplied with one receiver module, but up to five additional optional modules can be simply slotted into the receiver frame, giving simultaneous operation on as many as six channels.

Versatility with belt-pack transmitter options

To build on its basic flexibility, Sony has introduced some important options for the WRT-805A Belt-pack Transmitter. These include an instrument cable for wireless guitar applications, lavalier microphones and a headset microphone.

The use of Sony wireless devices is regulated by the Regulatory Authority of each country's Government Administration and authorized users are required to obtai an appropriate operating lirence.

WRT-8OOA UHF Synthesized Wireless Microphone


  • Wide-Cardioid electret condenser capsule offering clear and crisp sound

    Low battery alarm can be monitored at receiver Continuous operation for up to 12 hours on a single (LR6) AA-size alkaline battery 5mW RF power output

    Ergonomically designed body for positive grip Miniaturized helical antenna

    Easily detachable microphone holder (supplied)

  • Supplied accessories

    Microphone holder

    Stand adapter


    WRT-805A UHF Synthesized Transmitter


  • Easy-to-read LCD screen showing the selected channel, attenuator setting and cumulative operating time

    Low battery alarm monitoring at receiver

    Compact, lightweight design with contoured body pack

    Continuous operation for up to six hours on a single (LR6) AA-size alkaline battery

    1OmW RF power output

    Accepts ECM-44BMP, ECM-122BMP and ECM-31 OBMP microphones via mini-jack connector with Stable Lock feature

    GC-0.7MP Instrument Cable option for wireless guitar applications

    Phase and Guitar / Mic Sensitivity switches

    Miniaturized helical antenna




    WRR-800A UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver


    Single-channel diversity receiver

    Half 19-inch rack width, 1 U high

    Space diversity system for highly stable signal reception

    PLL synthesized tuning provides access to the 64 frequencies available in each European TV channel

    Pre-programmed, intermodulation-free, groups of frequencies stored in CPU for simultaneous multi-channel operation

    Audio squelch system, operated by ultrasonic tone from transmitter

    Easy-to-read LCD showing selected channel and battery alarm for wireless transmitters and wireless microphones

    Output level control

    Balanced output via phone connector

    Ready for use with front-mounted antennas


    WRR-801 A UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver

    Expandable diversity receiver, accepting up to six WRU-801 A Receiver Modules (one WRU-801A supplied with unit)

    upto six channel operation using built-in antenna divider

    simultaneous operation on upto l2channels with second WRR-81 OA and WD-820A

    Antenna Divider

    Auto channel assignment of additional receiver modules as they are fitted

    self-detection and skip of unusable channels

    RF input attenuator, 0/1 OdB selectable

    Easy-to-read LCD showing the selected channel and battery alarm for wireless transmitters and wireless microphones

    Mixed six-channel balanced output via phone connector

    19-inch rack width, 1 U high

    Ready for use with front-mounted antennas and hand grips

    Supplied accessories

    Antenna x 2


    WRU-801 A UHF Synthesized Receiver Module


    Single-channel diversity receiver module for WRR-801A



    Optional accessories


    Instrument Cable

    6.3mm (1/4 inch) phone plug to 3.5mm (5/32 inch) mini-jack with Stable Lock function

    Input impedance at phone connector, 1 Mohm

    Cable length, 700mm

    Weight, 70g



    Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone


    Miniature microphone head

    Excelient cost / performance ratio

    Fitted with 1.2m cable terminating in mini-jack with Stable Lock feature




    Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone

    Light weight, 2og

    Matt black finish Fitted with 1.2m cable terminating in mini-jack with Stable Lock feature


    Wide-cardioid Headset Electret Microphone AP

    Headset-style microphone for multimedia presentations, seminars and entertainment applications

    Lightweight, with flexible microphone positioning for optimum voice pick-up

    Unobtrusive, anti-slide headband

    Fitted with 1.2m cable terminating in mini-jack with Stable Lock feature


    WD-820A UHF

    Antenna Divider


    Connections for up to two pairs of antennas, providing DC 9V supply for an-820A antennas

    Provides four pairs of diversity outputs

    Cascade connection for a second WD-820A or a fifth receiver

    AN-820A UHF


    lOdB gain to compensatefor cable loss

    LED installation for installation check

    Powered from receiver or antenna divider

    Used in pairs for diversity reception

    Easy installation on a wall, or on a microphone stand with the supplied stand adapters

    Designed to be inconspicuous and harmonize with any surroundings



    SONY Wireless Microphones - 800 series

    Sony's latest technology UHF synthesized wireless microphone system operates in the 770-862MHz UHF band range,(Euro UHF Tv Channels 59-69) which is barely effected by external noise and interference. This systems PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized control system makes it easy to choose from up 48 simultaneous operational channels with up to 684 selectable operating frequencies. With the use of Sonys pre-programmed channel plan, it is simple to choose the correct operating frequencies for simultaneous multi-channel operation. The adoption of a space-diversity reception system, reliable devices and sophisticated circuit technology assure low noise, wide dynamic range and stable signal transmission and reception. This affordable wireless microphone system with superb audio quality provides the ultimate convenience in various applications at broadcasting stations, live threatre, TV and music shows and film production facilities. No other wireless microphone product has the reputation of ultimate reliability and consistant performance.

    WRT-810R Euro TV CH 59-69
    UHF Synthesized Wireless Microphone Handheld Transmitter

    WRT-830R Euro TV CH 59-69
    UHF Synthesized Wireless Vocal Condenser Microphone

    UHF Synthesized Vocal Dynamic Wireless Microphone

  • The WRT-867R has channel select switches, and also has an LCD to indicate the selected Euro TV channel number. There are channel switches and an LCD indicator inside the body to prevent mis-operation. A full range of popular alternative vocal capsules are available with this model.

    WRT-820R Euro TV CH 59-69
    UHF Synthesized Betpack Transmitter

    The WRT-820R can accept any Sony professional lavalier microphone, such as the ECM-77SC/BC/FC, ECM-66BC, ECM-55BC, ECM-44BC or ECM-166BC. The WRT-820R can also be used for wireless guitar applications via the Sony K1161 cable

    WRR-840R models

    UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner with Dual Reception System in 1U rack.


    WRR-820R Euro TV CH 59-69
    UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner with Single Reception System

    WRR-860R (68)
    UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner

    LCD Operating Status Display Such as Accumulative Working Time The WRR-860R employs an LCD for more effective control and stable operation. The LCD displays accumulative working time after battery replacement, frequency as well as RF input level, AF level, battery status, Muting RF level and wireless channel information are clearly visable.

    WRR-810R Euro TV CH 59-69 UHF Synthesized Tuner

    The WRR-860R and WRR-810R have a muting function which can easily be turned ON or OFF. In the ON mode, the RF level can be selected from 5dBu, 15dBu and 25dBu (on WRR860 model).




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