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A microphone/earphone

combination designed specifically for use under a helmet, especially the motorcycle type. The earpiece is designed to be fixed by Velcro inside the helmet with an adjustable boom microphone.



A lightweight miniature speaker which fits comfortably over the ear. It is especially useful in noisy environments, such as crowds, public places etc. This type is very popular with the emergency services.



An identical earpiece to the LEP300, but with the addition of a microphone with PTT facility which can be discretely fixed to a tie, lapel etc. This facilitates its use as a semi covert microphone.



Identical to the LEP 400, but with a lightweight boom microphone fitted on to the earpiece. This allows the user to position the microphone suitably in front of the mouth and it is therefore only necessary to speak normally, facilitating its use as a semi covert microphone.


A lightweight miniature earphone and boom microphone fitted to an over head band which positions it against the users ear. The transmit switch can be fixed to the users lapel, tie etc.


A high quality speaker microphone for use with handy radio transceivers. This enables the radio to be worn securely beneath clothing whilst continuing to communicate using the radio. Its size ensures that it can fit discretely into the palm of the users hand.


This speaker/microphone is similar to the above model with the addition of an adjustable volume control. Thisallows volume adjustments to be made to the radio, without having to remove it from beneath clothing.


An extremely heavy duty speaker/ microphone manufactured from polycarbonate, ensuring that it will stand up to extreme handling conditions.



Suitable for charging two Motorola GP300 radios. Charge time 55 minutes approximately.



A heavy duty window clip, enabling an antenna with BNC socket to be fixed to a car window. it can be quickly mounted and dismounted, allowing convenient temporary use of a hand held radio from within a vehicle.


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