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YEAR 2000 Statement.


General :

We have now evaluated all our systems, and are now fully compliant as defined by BS2000


Our network and all computers attached to the network are fully year 2000 compliant.


All radio programming software is year 2000 compliant.

All our accounting packages, and general office software are 2000 compliant.

Systems running Windows 95 and NT 4 have had installed and downloaded the fixes and patches from Microsoft's site, we are however making a progressive change to Windows 98 on all workstations.

Our hire system is now fully operational with the windows based year 2000 compliant version.

Standalone Computers.

We have retained some 386 machines that due to BIOS limitations are not compliant. These have been kept to run some old Motorola Programming software ( which in itself is compliant, as there are no date fields in the code ), but which will not run on modern machines which are compliant. This is due to the machine code making direct calls upon the hardware, rather than through valid Int calls, which causes the software to malfunction on Pentium machines running many times faster than the original 286 machines for which the programs were written.


Motorola Software and Hardware.


We understand from Motorola that all current products and software are year 2000 compliant. Although many ( ?all ) the new radios have embedded microprocessors, it is understood that none make use of date microcode. The programming software has been tested by ourselves and has not been found to suffer any programs even when run on old 386 machines that are certainly not year 2000 compliant. Any change to this position will be notified at once.



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Last modified: February 09, 2006