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GP1200 user instructions.

1). Turn the radio on, using the left-hand knob. After switch on the radio will bleep and then display a" z " symbol. This will turn in to a " 0 ( with a diagonal line) ", which indicate the unit has logged on to the system. If the radio does not display " 0 " it cannot make or receive calls.

2). To answer a call, press the PTT after you are called. The radio displays the callers ID in the display. You have 10 seconds to answer a call, and during a call, if neither party speaks for 6 seconds the call will be terminated.

3). To make a call to the group, depress the small button above the PTT. This makes a fixed call to your group. The radio display shows "calling" and then either a decrementing timer if the call is successful, or "queued". if the call is successful use the PTT and the radio as normal. If the display shows "queued" then do no more, this means that the system is busy. You will be automatically routed to the group when the call in progress finished without any further action on your part. The radio alerts you with a bleep when you can talk. The system operates a proper queue system so that there is no need to retry.

4). To call other units, rotate the top selector so that other pre programmed groups etc appear in the display, when they are shown repeat the process above. NOTE this process does not put your radio in this group, but merely lets you make calls to this group. You will NOT now hear calls meant for this group.

5). If you are calling an individual radio in this manner, "queued" may again appear. In this mode it does not always mean that the system is busy, it can indicate that the party that you are calling is talking to someone else.

6). If you get "unavailable" it means that the party you wish to call is out of range or has his radio turned off.

7). If your radio is enabled to call individual radios, you can do this by entering their number on the keypad, and then pressing the PTT or the # button.

8). To terminate a call press the green button above the PTT. If you have made a group call this will terminate the call to ALL the group radios, however if you have received a group call this terminates the call to your radio only ( and hence may be used to stop you hearing messages meant for others ) and not the rest of the group.

9). Pressing and holding the orange button on top of the radio ( for two seconds ) will make a fixed emergency call to the base.

10).Various other facilities are available ( if programmed for your radio )as follows :-

Broadcast call.

Enter *11* and then a group number (such as 990) This sends a Broadcast call, which all radios can hear, but cannot respond to.

Priority call.

Enter *8*and then the radio ID that you wish to talk to. This lets you jump the queue if a number of other people are calling this unit and you get a queued message.

Emergency call.

Enter *9*and then the radio ID that you wish to talk to. This lets you terminate calls to the radio ID that are currently in progress. If a number of other people are calling this unit and you get a queued message. Please use the last 2 functions sparingly, as they are there for real emergencies. Indiscriminate use can cause mayhem!

To put a radio into Conventional mode ( i.e. back to back walkie talkie ) then after power up, and when the "z" appears in the display, press and hold the middle button above the PTT, when "conventional" appears in the display you have a normal radio. To return this radio to trunk mode, reverse the process, releasing the button when "personality 1" appears in the display.


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