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Common Problems are :-

Radio refuses to program.

Check the following :-

9v PP3 in the RIB box.

Clean the programming pad on the radio - these are often covered in flux

Some faster PC compatibles are too fast for the software - try slowing the computer down.

Some radios in a batch, will not clone from other units, and the red error box, says "Product Mismatch - Press F10 to Continue."

When this is displayed, hold down the SHIFT key and press F10, most radios will now clone

Intermittent headset operation

Check the following :-

The headphone socket may have been damaged through the use of standard 3.5mm plugs which are forced over by the antenna. Genuine Motorola connectors are thinner than normal

Use an accessory clamp. The plug often comes loose, due to the cord being pulled, and the leverage is often enough to partially dislodge the connector.

Radio stuck in transmit.

Check the following :-

If using a headset, was the radio turned off before the headset was plugged in This problem can be cured by selecting headset only operation in the radio software setup. If this option is enabled the radio will never go into transmit when a headset is used unless the PTT is pushed. Incidentally this option prevents correct use of speaker mics / covert mics etc.





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