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Provided on the rear panel of KG110 radio, the 37-PIN D-SUB CONNECTOR has 37 pins whose functions are as follows:

36, 37 13.6V DC

18, 19, 7 GND

23, Al

22, A2

21, A3

20, A4

1, A5

2, A6

3, A7

CH1 is preceded by all "0"s

CH128 is preceded by all "1"s

DATA "1" = 5V to 13.6V

"O" = open or OV


4, ROM DATA ... 5V voltage emerges on this after EPROM is programmed.

5, ENCODE CTCSS Tone Encode signal is available from this pin. Used in connecting TONE PANEL to AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER UNIT.

6, DISC OUT CTCSS Decode input signal is available. Used in connecting TONE PANEL to AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER UNIT.

8,REMOTE When controlled externally from a remote controlling position, KGI10 is grounded.

When this signal is grounded, all of POW SW, SQL CONTROL, and CH can only be controlled from remote control side (i.e., fail to be controlled from KG110 side). Note in this case that LED "REMOTE" on KG110 front panel glows.

9, BUSY 8V voltage emerges on this pin during receive period. Ov emerges when KG110 is in standby status.

10, VOL Volume control common.

11, VOL For volume control use. Use type 1OK-B Volume.

12, SQL For SQL control use. Use type 1OK-B Volume

13, 14, AF OUT To obtain RX OdBm output. A -6dBm output is available between either @ or @

pin and GND.

15, PRESS When grounded, KG110 radio operates in TX mode.

16, SP AF Output of either 4w at 4 ohm or 2W at 8 ohm max. is available.

24, 25, 26 No connection.

27, CTCSS ON A Signal for ON / OFF controlling CTCSS ENCODE Signal is available from Remote Control Unit KBC-2000. No wiring being provided within KGIIO, as a rule, wiring must be installed (either at the site or before shipment) to make this signal available

28, 29 BASE 1, BASE 2 ... To obtain a signal for automatically or manually changing-over one to the other of two KGIIO radios where KBC-2000 Remote control Unit is connected to ACU-31 Automatic Changeover Unit. The Control is processed between ACU-31 and Interface Unit.

30 AUX 2 (BASE REP) ... A signal for switching KG110 between BASE and REPEATER STATION modes from the REMOTE CONTROL UNIT is available. Provided with the same function as possessed by J802 in KG110. When grounded, KG110 is placed in REPEATER STATION mode. When open, it is placed in BASE STATION mode.

31, AUX 1 No connection.

32, TX ALARM This signal is used as a TX alarm for the ACU-31. The TX alarm signal voltage ranges from 5 to 6 volts when TX power is reduced to one-half or ANTENNA is open or shorted

33, 34, MODULATION INPUT.... Standard modulation input is kHz, -8dBm.

35, POW SWITCH To operate POW SWITCH on a REMOTE CONTROL basis. When grounded, KG110 power switch turns "ON".



9-Pin D-SUB Connector for Tone Panel

Provided on the rear panel of KG110, the 9-Pin D-SUB Connector has nine pins whose functions are as follows:

1, +13.6V DC is available.

2, No connection.

3, DISC IN ... CTCSS DECODE input signal is incoming.

4, No connection.

5, PRESS ... When grounded, KG110 is placed in TX mode.

6, No connection

7, 8, GND

9, TONE OUT ... CTCSS TONE ENCODE signal is available.

Last Modified : 09 February, 2006