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Standard Features

Internal Loudspeaker with 4 W audio power

Private Line (CTCSS) and Digital Private Line

Programmable Time Out Timer and

Re-Key Timer

Single Tone Encode for repeater access or limited selective calling

Single Tone Decode for limited selective calling (128 ch display models)

Programmable Power 5-25 W, set per channel from 2 programmable levels

Choice of 12.5 kHz or 20/25 kHz models

Ultra-Wide frequency range for maximum system flexibility

Plug in modules for enhanced functionality

Data mode (128 ch display models)


Standard Features

* Fully Field Programmable

All the operational parameters of the GM350 can be field programmed by an IBM PC or compatible computer, using

Motorola's most advanced programming software employing a graphical user interface, running Windows or DOS

operating systems.


* Up / Down Volume Control

The elimination of rotary volume controls results in increased radio reliability and higher overall quality at a lower

cost. The GM350 volume control is easy to use and functions just like a cellular telephone volume control.


*Installation Flexibility

The slimline design and small size of the GM350 provides for maximum ease of installation in all types of vehicles - even those with minimal space. Also, the control head can be "reversed" to ensure that the user always sees the keypad the right way up! An optional DIN slot bracket provides a neat, stylish installation solution.


* Busy Channel Lockout

Using the optional busy channel lockout function will greatly improve your communications efficiency and reduce user annoyance, especially on community repeaters, as this function prevents different user groups from transmitting "over" each other.


* Ignition Sense

For users where it is important that the GM350 is powered up and functional whenever the vehicle ignition is on - without the user having to remember to turn the radio on - the ignition sense facility is perfect. Combining this feature with the optional "designated power up channel" means that whenever the vehicle is started up, there is no danger that the radio will be on the wrong channel and miss vital messages.

Also, use of ignition sense is a great way to avoid flat batteries on vehicles that are left standing between operational use.

It's ideal for airport fire engines and other vehicles in the emergency services!


* Dealer Programmable Function Buttons

To provide maximum flexibility, and ensure the operation of your GM350 radios to match your individual operational requirements, you may select a number of useful features to be assigned to the function buttons. Non-Display (4 channel) radios have two function buttons, whilst Display (128 channel) radios have six function buttons.


Standard Function Button Options on all Models

Repeater Talkaround

In situations where it is not required, or desirable to communicate via a repeater, Talkaround turns the radio into a simplex radio for back-to-back communications. In addition, it's a vital feature to ensure continued communications when unforeseen circumstances cause a repeater to go out of service.


* Dual Level Monitor

Any option button can be dealer programmed to offer up to two levels of monitor operation, such as carrier squelch then open squelch (volume set).


* Single Tone Encode

In addition to having an automatic single tone encode sent whenever the radio transmits, to access a repeater, it is possible to also configure a function button to send a single tone, for manual repeater access.


* Function Button Options on 128 ch Model with Display 9 Scan

The GM350 supports up to 2 scan lists, each of which can be assigned to any of the function buttons. Both scan lists can include one priority channel that will be monitored for activity even if the radio is receiving on another channel! The scan lists are dealer programmable - however users may temporarily delete unwanted channels from a scan list using a "nuisance channel delete" function button.


Several options for transmit operation in scan mode are available:


Transmit on the channel that is currently used for receiving Home Revert.

Transmit on the channel displayed prior to entering scan mode Last Free:

Transmit on the most recent channel that was free of activity Last Busy.-

Transmit on the most recent channel that was busy Designated Channel.

Transmit on a pre-defined channel


*Memory Channel Button

Up to two function buttons can be dealer programmed as

" memory channel". The GM350 user can store any channel in the memory button in the same manner as modern FM car radios. Rapid access to important channels such as an emergency channel is then available at the press of a button!


Scrambler Related Functions

The 128 channel GM350 option module interface supports the use of voice scramblers. When a suitable scrambler module is installed, one function button can be dealer programmed to provide selection of "coded speech / clear speech" and another button to provide a "scramble key select" function.



* External Loudspeaker

A low cost speaker with 13W of power provides enhanced volume for high ambient noise applications.


* DTMF Microphone

Enables use of the GM350 in systems requiring phone patch capability, and also is used in Selectone Smartrunk 11 systems.


* Handset

The optional telephone style handset accessory may be used instead of the standard palm microphone to provide privacy on conversations - whenever the handset is picked-up, the radio's loudspeaker is disabled, ensuring that only the handset user can hear the received message.


* DIN Mounting Bracket

Allows the GM350 to be neatly installed in a spare "DIN-B" sized mounting slot often provided in vehicles.


Selectone Smartrunk B Option Board*

Motorola approved plug in modules for this popular system are available for the GM350.


* Transcrypt Scramblers*

Motorola approved plug in modules from this supplier are available for the GM350. Suitable for 128 channel models only.


* R.LC.K. Mobile Repeater Interface

Use two GM350 mobiles to make a mobile repeater. Suitable for 128 channel models only.


Not EMC approved.



Whatever your Organisation, when your personnel are out and about in vehicles, just think about what mobile two-way radio communications can do for you.

Users of mobile two-way radios cover a wide spectrum from emergency services - where speed of communication can mean life or death - to taxi operators, where the ability to efficiently dispatch vehicles to the next job means improved operational efficiency.

Whether you want to improve your logistical control over a fleet of vehicles, or to increase the safety of your personnel when on the move, the GM350 offers a great communications solution.

With a choice of two models, the GM350 combines Motorola's traditional reliable performance with breakthrough features, giving enhanced communication effectiveness. User features from the wide range below can be selected to match your specific requirements to provide easy to use, flexible, long lasting communications.

Motorola: Your assurance of quality

The GM350 has been developed to offer a high level of durability and operational reliability. Like all Motorola products, the GM350 has passed our unique Accelerated Life Test, which simulates five years' hard use in the field.

As the worlds leading manufacturer of mobile communications equipment, Motorola is dedicated to excellence in its products and level of customer support.



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